Gemstone Jewelry

Other names for gemstone jewelry include 'semi-precious jewelry' and 'gem jewelry'. We stock a variety of gemstone jewelry designs including many necklaces, bracelets, earrings and pendants. Gemstones are renowned for their amazing naturally-occuring patterns and their attractive properties of reflection and internal refraction (often resulting in a 'glimmering' effect, adding to their visable beauty and drawing attention from admirers all around).


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Blue Beaded Sodalite Necklace With Freshwater Pearls
Sodalite and Freshwater Pearl Necklace Sleek but distinctive opaque sodalite tubes and rice s..
Stylish Dark Purple and Green Beaded Fluorite Necklace
Natural Fluorite Rondelle Necklace The mineral fluorite is famous for its glassy luster. ..
Classic Purple and Green Fluorite Beaded Necklace
Natural Fluorite Crystal Quartz Necklace 2 The mineral fluorite is famous for its glassy lust..